heartbeat-pageThere will not be any bills from St. Matthew’s Clinic. We do have expenses for medical equipment and insurance, so we would welcome any donations. We are filed as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit clinic.

We do not have a pharmacy. We work hard to prescribe medications that are economical and work well for your condition. We can help you apply for prescription assistance programs for expensive medications. There is no charge for X-rays and routine lab tests.

Advanced testing: If more extensive testing is required beyond routine tests, we’ll consider those on a case by case basis and help you apply for financial assistance.

Specialist referrals: St. Matthew’s providers will refer you to specialists when needed. We will try to help arrange this if needed, but the final responsibility for both the appointment and their payment will be yours. Specialists are not obliged to give free services even for a patient of St. Matthew’s Medical Clinic.