bp-patient-pageSt. Matthew’s healthcare providers want to help you.

St. Matthew’s Medical Clinic is staffed by volunteers from the community. We ask everyone to treat our volunteers and other patients with respectfulness while at our clinic.

Cancelled/missed appointments: In order to best serve all of our patients, same-day cancellations and missed appointments are discouraged. We will attempt to contact you after a missed appointment to reschedule you, but we may have to stop being your medical provider if a second appointment is missed.

Visits can take between 1-2 hours, depending on your needs and our staffing levels. We appreciate our patience as we try to serve as many people as we can.

Cell phones should be silenced in the clinical areas.

We may refuse service to people who are actively intoxicated.

St. Matthew’s does not allow loud or abusive behavior.

Smoking, food and drinks other than water are not allowed in the clinic area.

Confidential information: To allow us to help you, both with medical issues and financial issues, patients must be truthful with our staff. This means talking with us even about sensitive issues such as drug and alcohol use, sexual relationships, financial and citizenship status. We always keep this information private.

Medical Records: We would gladly provide you with a copy of your medical record if you transfer to another medical clinic. You may call our phone line to make these arrangements.

As volunteer medical providers, the doctors & nurses at St. Matthew’s are immune from liability under the United States and Colorado Volunteer Protection Acts. In additions, some medical providers may have federal FTCA liability (“Malpractice”) insurance. These limit your ability to sue in court. We at St. Matthew’s are here because we want to give you the very best of modern medical care; we provide this information as a requirement of law.*

St. Matthew’s has the right to refuse to see anyone who does not follow these patient rules.